"Next Holding is a single-family office that invests in outstanding Italian businesses. By partnering with entrepreneurs, we provide capital, expertise, and an extraordinary network of relationships"

Private Equity

We are professional investors specialized in private equity transactions, especially in qualified minority stakes.


For us, sustainability means investing in our territory , nurturing companies that create value for all stakeholders and lay the foundation for a future in which Italy continues to be a protagonist.


We are free from constraints and we evaluate investments in any field. By managing our own capital, we can also structure operations temporally so that our exit is the best for the company itself and its partners.

Investment criteria



partecipazione di minoranza


Minority stake ranging from 10% to 40%



Financial investment for a single operation ranging from 1 to 5 million euros

Why NEXT HOLDING as a partner

50 years of entrepreneurial experience, over 20 years of experience in financial markets and private equity.

We risk our own capital. We are prepared for any situation because we understand the complexity of the business reality.

The success of the entrepreneur and the company that welcome us as partners is our success. From the moment we sign the shareholders' agreement, the alignment of interests is maximum.

We know how to identify value in people. The commitment is always strong, and geographical proximity allows us to meet and to experience the company closely.

We are financial operators with a corporate culture developed in factories. In addition to business plans, indicators and results, we really know what being entrepreneurs means. We speak the same language.

The Manganelli family

Andrea Manganelli was born in Florence in 1941 and started his career as an entrepreneur in the wood industry at a very young age. In the 1980s, he transformed from a mere distributor of the Swedish abrasive company Ekamant AB into a main shareholder, starting international expansion that faced him with the major global markets. In 1987, he co-founded Toscana Finanza Spa with other entrepreneurs from Florence, operating in the market of NPL (non performing loans) and distressed assets. After being listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, Toscana Finanza was acquired by Banca IFIS S.p.a. in early 2012.
For over 15 years, Next Holding Spa has been the family office managing the fortune and assets of Andrea Manganelli and his daughters, Beatrice and Camilla, who hold 100% of the shares.
The Manganelli family's philanthropic endeavors extend beyond their investments in local companies, as they have sought to support, in its own small and private way, various organizations believed to foster positive impacts on both people and the environment, among the others FAI (the National Trust of Italy), Greenpeace, the "Pane Quotidiano" Association, FILE (the Italian Lenitherapy Foundation), Dynamo Camp and the Meyer Children's Hospital.


Below some of the subsidiaries of the group. You can find more info by clicking on the logos and visiting their websites.

Ekamant Sweden - professional solutions for sanding
Ekamant Italy - professional solutions for sanding
Leader in the sector of light alloy aluminium die casting
Foundry for special cast iron and steel components
Experts in energy efficiency and renewable energy resources
Producer and renter of generators
Services for condominiums
Experts and distributors of scientific equipment
Tuscan family winery with 140 years of history
Manager of difficult-to-collect credits
Professional investor in special situations
solutions for corporate car fleets
Online auto services
Surveillance and security services
Specialist in tailored credit solutions for SMEs
Supplier of goods and services for the aerospace industry
Produces and markets high-tech adhesives
Provider of innovation and digitalization services
Management of Healthcare Residences
Importer and distributor of fruit and vegetable
Services and engineering for the airline industry
Advertising agency and supplier of digital services
Insurance company
Technical solutions of telecommunication
Turnkey Solution provider for the production of nutritional supplements and special foods
Cybersecurity solutions provider
Leader in smartphone accessories
Professional loudspeaker transducer manufacturer


Next Holding S.p.A. has its headquarter in Florence, at Via Masaccio 172/174, just a few minutes' walk from Campo di Marte Train Station. Santa Maria Novella Train Station is about fifteen minutes away by taxi.

If you arrive by car, you can access our reserved parking area.

Tel. +39 055 0986059
Mail: info@nextholding.it